SVP Cleveland connects people with nonprofits to build powerful relationships committed to mutual learning, respect, and social change. Our unique philanthropic model gives equal value to financial resources, building organizational capacity, and the collaborative relationships formed with nonprofit leaders. These partnerships support nonprofits and increase their impact in the community.


SVP Cleveland is a collective of individuals dedicated to transformative change in Northeast Ohio. In 2021, our staff and board adopted a set of Values and our North Star to guide our work going forward.

  • INTERCONNECTION: To build deep, lasting relationships grounded in humility, empathy, and mutual respect.
  • COLLABORATION: To partner genuinely within our organization and with the nonprofits we serve and broader nonprofit community.
  • INNOVATION: To wholeheartedly participate in personal, organizational, and community learning and growth.
  • JUSTICE + LIBERATION: To share and shift power to communities oppressed by existing systems and not stand in the way of these communities’ liberation and healing.
  • EVOLUTION: To wholeheartedly participate in personal, organizational, and community learning and growth.

Investment Reimagined is an opportunity for nonprofit leaders to strengthen their organizations and receive support in their leadership roles. Each nonprofit receives:

  • Capacity-building support
  • Participation in a peer learning cohort with other nonprofit leaders
  • New connections to support leaders’ personal wellbeing and growth
  • A $5,000 general operating grant

FastPitch offers coaching to help nonprofits craft and share their story with the community. This program provides participants with:

  • Support developing an organizational “pitch”
  • Individual and group coaching on pitch presentation
  • An opportunity to hone public speaking skills


Our donors participate in collective giving to support Northeast Ohio nonprofits through donations of money, time, and expertise. This overarching investment provides donors the ability to work with a variety of nonprofits and address multiple community issues. In this way, donors collaborate with each other and nonprofits to strategically address critical issues in our region.


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